What is Cloud Gardener?

December 30, 2019

You may have a clue as to what I'm trying to present with this title, but do you want to hear the whole story?

“Rather than construction, programming is more like gardening—it is more organic than concrete.” — The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas

That is very aptly said and made me smile very broadly. As today's cloud infrastructure is an ever-increasing extent software and code, why can I not adopt this metaphor? — So I did, and this is how I got a new great title and name for this blog.

Ok, I must confess that it is also a little slap on the wrist for all the people taking their titles too seriously. :)

p.s. A new revised 20th Anniversary Edition of The Pragmatic Programmer is now available here. I'm going to read it, how about you?

Sincerely yours, your Cloud Gardener,



Niko Virtala is a modern technology enthusiast, Cloud Gardener, and DevOps Consultant at Polar Squad. He is also the father of two magnificent girls, husband, indie music lover, guitarist, and photographer. He loves simplicity and values a great developer experience. Follow him on Twitter